About the Vaccination Club

So whether you have a Cat, Dog or Rabbit we can help keep their special relationship with your existing Vets while offering the lowest priced vaccinations.

Continuity of Care
Vaccinations form a vital part of your pets healthcare. It is important that you achieve continuity of care where possible with the same Practice so that they maintain a complete medical history which is so important when your pet needs further treatment.

Coverage for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits
There are many different types of vaccinations available, with different protocols and time frames. This makes judging the cost of protection difficult which is why Practices that belong to Vaccination Club only uses genuine (not generic) vaccines which last for 12 months and then are renewed with a FULL annual course. Ensure that you are aware of what your pet is receiving and its efficacy. Please feel free to speak to your vet if you have something more exotic or unusual to vaccinate.

Convenient and Local
Members of the Vaccination Club believe in providing a complete healthcare package for all pets under their care. Where possible we believe your pet should see your regular vet as they know your pet best. Local convenience is what we strive to offer our clients.

Vaccination Club members pride themselves on bringing you value whilst being committed to your pet through all stages of its life. By using Vaccination Club you can be assured of the best price for the necessary protection your pet needs. The club constantly monitors its prices and opening times to ensure value and convenience.

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  • Continuity of Care
  • Value
  • Convenient and Local
  • Coverage for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits